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We're a professional mosaic tile manufacturer founded in 2000. We have natural stone, metal mosaic tiles and customisation mosaic art.

Confident in our products and want to introduce them to more customers, we opened, E-MosaicTile.com, the online store in 2018. We hope to offer online customers much more choices when they are looking for mosaic tiles for their decoration or renovation projects. Yes, you could definitely find the suitable tiles to create your own decoration by the beauty of the stone and the special reflections of the metals!

Based on the main creative elements of marble, we give varying characters through striking, grinding, cutting, carving, brushing and other kinds of processes, then the stone mosaic will find its artistic soul in the hands of designers and skilful craftsmen. The company has a lineup of more than 300 products, including 3D, dynamic shape, mixed piecing, paint-cutting, tile, waistline and other products. Focusing on the three-dimensional and shaped mosaic, E-MosaicTile.com has been dedicating to the matching, application and R & D of home decoration and feature wall, etc.

Shen Zhen Shi Ci Ma Ke Ji You Xian Gong Si
Address: LiShanLu 65 hao, PingShan MinQi KeJiYuan, 3Dong 3Lou E1, Shenzhen, Guangdong, CN
E-mail: info@e-mosaictile.com

Address: Suite 11, First Floor, Moy Road Business Centre, Taffs Well,Cardiff, Wales, CF15 7QR

EU Responsible Person: eVatmaster Consulting GmbH
Address: Bettinastr.30, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, DE

Product Related Standards: EN 12057:2015, EN 14411:2016


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