Here are the key points for the installation below.

#1. After the transportation, the wallpaper can be squeezed. Thanks to the XPE material, the wallpaper can recover by itself. Please take the wallpaper roll out of the parcel box at least 24 hours before installation.

#2. ​Make sure the wall is flat & smooth, dry & clean without dust.

#3. If cutting is needed, please use sharp scissors or a sharp knife. Or the ripples on the cutting edge can break the plastic backing and it will be difficult to peel off the backing in 1 piece.
And sharp scissors are the better choice. It can better eliminate the ripples on the cutting edge.

#4. After the cutting, it can be difficult to peel off the plastic backing. ​You can attach a sticker or tab on the edge or corner of the plastic as below and easily get it off. There is a tab at the corner of the wallpaper. You can reuse it.

Wallpaper Use Sticker to peel off the backing E-MosaicTile

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