On May 12th 2019, Manchester City has crowned FA Premier League champions for the second consecutive year (Figure 1). Meanwhile, Liverpool became the runner-up with the highest point in the history of FA Cup. Thus, by ensuring all the four places of UEFA Euro final, England clubs created a new history of soccer in Europe (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Manchester City won FA Premier League champions (Source


Figure 2. Representative England football clubs


On that day, thousands of hundreds of soccer fans witnessed the historical moment while enjoying beers in pubs (Figure 3). It is said that, if you haven't been to a pub, you haven't been to Britain. In fact, British pub culture is always closely associated with soccer. A lot of soccer fans enjoy watching games with their friends and having a drink in the local pub. This has even become a lifestyle of many immigrants in the UK. If you open your Google Map and search for “pubs”, you will find that pubs are so intensely distributed in the UK, including small towns. Even when Xi Jinping, Chairman of China visited the UK in 2015, David Cameron the former Prime Minister once invited him to have a short talk, eat fish and chips and drink Greene King IPA in the Plough at Gadsden, a famous country pub near Chequers.

Figure 3. Watching soccer with beers in pub


Figure 4. Xi and Cameron in a pub (Source)

For British people, pub is a significant place for social contact, and soccer is an attractive topic for conversation. Except for social and entertaining functions, many British pubs are also representations of unique aesthetics. For example, the mosaic has been used in some pubs to decorate the wall, vault, floor and furniture to bring elegant and gorgeous visual enjoyment to visitors (Figure 5, 6 &7).

Figure 5. Mosaic floor in The Philharmonic Pub, Liverpool (Source

Figure 6. Mosaic-decorated table in The London Urban Tavern, Whitechapel London (Source

Figure 7. Mosaic vault in The Blackfriar, London (Source


As early as in ancient Greek and Roman society, mosaic had been broadly applied in indoor decoration of public buildings and civil housings. In modern society, with supreme plasticity and durability, mosaic has been revitalized to be an important material in public venues like churches and pubs.

In particular, glass mosaic enjoys an increasing popularity among interior designers. Glass mosaic is one of the safest building material, because it is made from natural minerals and glass (Figure 8). It is also one of the most environmentally friendly materials with light weight, strong acid alkali, and chemical resistance. In addition, glass mosaic has abundant colors and can present dreamlike visual effects in the light.

Figure 8. Glass mosaic, by E-MosaicTile.com


There are some other types of mosaic, including ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic, metal mosaic etc. For example, customized mosaic patterns can be used to decorate walls and floors of pubs, so as to bring new vitality to the indoor space (Figure 9 & 10).


Figure 9. Official logo of Liverpool Football Club (Source)


Figure 10. Liverpool mosaic art made of glass mosaic, by E-MosaicTile.com


In all, with the support of experienced designers, customers could understand special decorative effects of mosaic of different materials and create customized mosaic decorations according to the overall indoor design style. For pub owners, you can make your pubs as cool as McCooley’s in Liverpool, or even cooler with unique mosaic decorations (Figure 11 & 12).

Figure 11. McCooley’s, Irish-themed bar, Liverpool (Source

Figure 12. Indoor design with mosaic decorations in McCooley’s (Source)


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