This special hotel is at "1-22-26 Nakayamate-dori Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0004 Japan" (click here for location in google map). By the way, now I know the meaning of Kobe Brian's first name. LOL!

hotel store front

The Snoopy hotel concept is taken from a scene in its original comic; where Snoopy's bird friends fall asleep at his house as if it's their own. ”IT'S NICE TO HAVE A HOME WHERE YOUR GUESTS FEEL COMFORTABLE" is the slogan of this three story hotel.


PEANUTS Comic Strip:©1962 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Each floor carrying its own theme: "IMAGINE", "HAPPY" and "LOVE". There are 18 private rooms, each showcasing a different comic. Quite impressive, right? I pick out several bathrooms to share with you guys. Here's the summary.

6 bathroom summary

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Room 41 " It was a dark and stormy night. "


The bathroom decoration of Room41 is simple & clean, just as its slogon "Guest feel comfortable".

bathroom of room41

Just simple subway tiles with 2 colors on the bathroom wall, white on top and blue at the bottom. This design not only makes you calm, but also help for easy cleaning. It is also great for home design. No doubt.  

Room42, " I did it! I'm the first beagle on the moon ! "


The room is based on the comic from that memorable moon landing scene, featuring interior design based on the concept of outer space, and Astronaut Snoopy can be found all around the room. Take a trip to the moon along with Astronaut Snoopy.

Many people like the classic black and white. Take this bathroom for example, white subway tile on the wall, black square tile with gray pattern on the floor outside the shower tube. Yes, you've already found that. The secret is there's always color contrast in the room, always.

Room43, " Here's JOE COOL"


This comic scene shows Snoopy hoping to impress some girls by crushing an empty can with just one hand. After failing, he gives up and throws the can away frustratingly.

The concept of this room is straight from California, a surfer's or skater's place and a hideaway of the nonchalant college student, Joe Cool.

Once again, classic black and white. This time, white subway tile on the top, then black subway tile at the bottom. Um-hum, not bad, really classic. But what amazes me is the floor outside the shower, this mosaic tile uses white octagon mixes with small black squre. I love it Althogh Snoopy failed to show off in front of girls, but I do like this bathroom design because I can smell some JAZZ from it. 

Room55, " ..It musses up your hair! "


Snoopy muses that wearing a turtleneck while playing Golf is always a mistake. Because if it gets hot and you have to take it off, it ruins your hair. Some more words of wisdom from the ever fashionable Snoopy.

This room has a strong association with the theme of golf. The retro furniture in combination with a deep blue carpet create a mid-century clubhouse atmosphere.

Room51, " It's a mistake to try to avoid the unpleasant things in life.. "


The combination of the vibrant yellow color and the zig-zag pattern give a strong impression in this room. It’s clear to see that it’s dedicated to Charlie Brown's unique personality and his passion for baseball. Never give up Charlie!

Do you find subway tile is great choices? I think so. In this bathroom, the color combination makes you feel young and full of passion. This should be a good design for Kid's bathroom, especially for the Boys.

Room64, " Happiness is a warm puppy.. "


Lucy squirms when Snoopy kisses her, but she sure loves hugging him, because of his warmth. The room is inspired by this lovable comic, and uses millennial pink for the walls, chairs and even the fireplace. There’s also a big pink Snoopy that you can hug any time you want.

Images by peanutshotel.jp

Yes, most girls can be crazy about this pink! But remember that there always should be color and shape variations. Look at the floor outside the shower, designer uses a mosaic tile with small hexagon chip, still pink. And the wall in the shower, subway tile again. As these 2 tiles have different shapes,  the whole bathroom looks more lively. If you have a young daughter, this style is strongly recommanded.


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